Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Date, Advance Server, Download Apk

The Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server Update Date has commenced its rollout, and players may shortly experience all of the characteristics that have been included with the release. The Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance server Update Date official Release of the Bermuda Map, which accentuates various updates and originalities such as XT Weapons and Zipline, is one of the most alluring facts about the new version of Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server.

Free Fire Max OB37 Update Download

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server Update Date

It’s been a few months since the endless modifications were first implemented, so this is a quick reminder. As a direct outcome of this, everyone in the game enterprise eagerly foresees the significant boost that OB37 Advance Server will furnish. The new Garena Mobile India Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server update is slated to be released between the 20th to 25th of July 2022, prevailing as the most probable release date. This update is a part of the game’s second major pleasing release. The patch notes were carved and available on the website in both Hindi and English yesterday evening. It accentuates the fact that the modification is just a few notches away.

Apk NameGarena Free Fire Max
Obb File Namecom.dts.freefiremax
VersionOB37 (Advance Server)
File Size454.57 MB
PublisherGarena International I
SupportsAndroid 5.1- 11
Android Update15th November 2022
IOS Update15th November 2022

The delinquent updates are customarily made accessible to iOS users around 4:00 PM IST, while Android users must wait till 11:00 AM. It is foreseen that the following Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server update will wow players beyond their wildest dreams, just like the game’s initial iterations.

It has already public proficiency of what the patch will do, also well understood that the Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update will give an enormous deal of new equipment that will considerably enhance the across-the-board quality of the gaming occurrence.

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server New Updated Features

  • 1) Rank system optimization Character reworks and adjustments
  • 2) Clash Squad changes
  • Alterations to the Battle Royale mode
  • 3) Weapon balancing
  • 4) New Sniper Rifle – M24
  • 5) Gameplay changes – Pin Function and Visual Alerts for Gunshots
  • 6) Gaming Environment – Adjustments Tailoring to Victims of Cheats and Character Level-Up
  • 7) Craftland additions – Isle of Champs, Zombie Spawn, and more
  • 8) Other adjustments – Download Center Optimization

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Download

There will be substantial developments in Bermuda, such as the expansion of new weaponry, a new Utility Task Vehicle, Supply Shops, and plenty more.

In Bermuda, players will have the chance to partake in various minigames, encompassing Random Crates and Treasure Maps, Wild Berries, the Soccer Challenge, the Storage Room, and the Zipline.

  • Catastrophe Pickup is a new feature accessible in Erangel and Miramar. With this function, players will be able to convene an aircraft and fly toward the safe tract.
  • Adjustments will be created to weapons such as the S12K and the S1897.
  • The vastly current update will bring about the availability of the Cycle 2 Season 6 and Month 11 Royal Passes.

Considerable adjustments will also be rendered to the Ban Pan system, stemming from an enhanced player understanding and the addition of additional anti-cheat tools, review devices, and shelters.

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Download Android Apk

Particular illustrations of the substantial new characteristics included in the Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Version are as follows below:

1) A little football match at Cheer Park

The Football Minigame will be one of the recreations enjoyed at Cheer Park. People may get a lot of achievement out of it while also expending quality time with their pals. It should come as no wonder that they will need to get the ball inside the goalpost for the performers to score.

2) Pickup in an Emergent Situation

The ‘Emergency Pickup’ feature will substantially affect how the game is played across the board. As was just explained, both the Erangel and Miramar maps will make it feasible to visit it. After its use, players will be able to reach an airplane and then descend to the area of their preference by parachute.

3) Shotgun Balancing

The game’s inventors have strengthened the long-range destruction that shotguns may elicit in the Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update patch.

How to Download Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Advance Server Update from Play Store?

Follow the instructions below to get the Free Fire Max OB37 apk and Obb file.

  • The first step is downloading the BattleGrounds Mobile India Apk from the URL furnished below.
  • Drive to the Settings menu, then click on Privacy and Safety. Make it possible to install software from anonymous sources. You may skip this step if you have already given rise to the necessary adjustments and activated it.
  • Install the Free Fire OB37 New Version app as the third step.
  • After the installation has been finished, go to Step 4, where you will copy the OBB file and paste it into Android > obb >com.dts.freefiremax. It would be best if you gave rise sure that the name is com.dts.freefiremax.obb If this is not the file’s name, you need to shift it.

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Play Store Download Link

Crucial adjustments will be made to the Ban Pan Security System in 2022, and they will be comprised in the Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Apk. The new system will be pertained to as the Ban Pan Security System OB37. It will comprise of several various security gauges, such as the ability to connect a cell number. The creators will also create anti-cheating tools that are both more intelligent and speedier.

If your temperament points drop, you may get them back up solely by expending the berries that are susceptible; you won’t need to utilize to use slings or any other kind of improvements.

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Patch Notes

Rank system optimization

  • Rank reward upgrades
  • Time-limited Epic weapon skins for Platinum and Diamond rank in Free Fire as incentives.
  • Exclusive emotes for players upon reaching Heroic and Master in both the rank modes.
  • An exclusive outfit in the exchange section of the store for every Free Fire patch.
  • Season rewards and rank-up rewards are now merged into one and can be earned by playing a specific number of games.
  • Overall rank system updates
  • New interface and rank-up animation.
  • Exclusive emblem for the Master rank.
  • Rank info will be noticeable in the lobby.

Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update Date FAQs

What is the date of releasing the Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update?

15th November 2022

How to download Garena Free Fire Max OB37 Update?

Play Store, Third Party Link, Tap Tap Android App, Official Website of Garena

When Google Play Store Release the Garena Free Fire New Update?

15th November 2022 at 11:00 Am

What is the Official Website of Garena Free Fire Max OB37 to download?